Foundation for connected field service technicians

Now more than ever before, it’s all about meeting or even exceeding expectations to the interaction ‘customers’ will have with your service organization. By the introduction of mobile solutions, that empower your connected workforce, you will increase workers safety, reducing errors generated through manual processes or improving the speed at which an on-site job is completed.

Solution & Results

RealWear HMT-1, head mounted wearable provides the foundation for your Connected Worker program;
– Access to key information about assets
– Step-by-step digital workflows
– Repair instructions & Real-time expert assistance
– Generate digital service reports on-site


100% Hands Free, Voice Control, Built Rugged, PPE Compatible, Full Shift Internal Battery, Drop Proof, IP66, IIoT data visualization, Augmented Reality, ERP interfaces, Intrinsically Safe ATEX ZONE 1 AND CSA C1/D1 (HMT-1Z1), Embedded Service Platform,…and many more!

Inspection of Mission Critical Columns in Confined Space

While avoiding confined space entry is always preferred, inspection & maintenance services is present in virtually all industries. A lot of work is being done on designs to limit the need for entry into confined spaces, but in most cases, it cannot be avoided completely. Stricter regulations, HSE guidelines & ageing assets require increasingly frequent, more thorough and more complex inspections. These jobs may be completed by inspectors who never set foot inside the cramped distillation column. A distillation tower is stacked so the contractor & inspector would have to climb up and down taking turns looking at the work and fixing it.


Using the RealWear HMT-1 device, the service engineer can simply take videos & photos of the work, 100% hands free and in one shot fix things, dramatically speeding up time to complete a clean-up. When outside assistance is needed the engineer is able to connect with an expert using the Frontline Service Platform.

Dramatically accelerate tricky inspections, reduce downtime, save money, improve overall safety & productivity.

Travel restrictions need creative strategies

Due to the imposed travel restrictions and quarantine rules, digital technology could come to the rescue as companies or classification surveyors are unable to travel and go on-site for FAT, UAT, SAT, FDS inspections. These movement restrictions require solutions to minimize capital project delays occurring. Although its long-term consequences have yet to fully play out, the current effects already provides us with some lessons about how we can better prepare to deal with future EPC project risk exposures. This calls on tech companies around the globe to develop innovative solutions.


Vmatch provides a remote technology solution that creates access to global teams to perform REMOTE INSPECTION, REAL-TIME EXPERT ASSISTANCE and rapidly resolve issues in the field by connecting workers to virtual experts. REALWEAR’s HMT-1 head mounted wearable is rugged, 100% hands-free and the FRONTLINE web-based software also supports inspection reports, document sharing, video and audio recording – all in one single interface. It is reasonably cheap and easy to get a pilot up and running.

Remote Solution Rental

Do you need a temporary solution? You can rent the solution your company needs for any length of time necessary to get the job done.

Today’s Front-Line Health Worker Challenge

The spread of viral and bacterial infections through human contact and airborne transmission could pose a serious global health problem, which is evident by the recent COVID-19 pandemic. Fevers, which manifest as an increase in body temperature, are a reliable indicator of illness or serious infections.

Traditional temperature taking techniques requires body contact and up to 3 minutes with each potentially contagious patient, which risks infection being spread to other patients or health workers.


Hands-free infrared thermography helps screen for elevated body temperatures (EBT) which may indicate the presence of a fever, all without requiring the use of hands. The screener can remain mobile and protected to avoid infected parties entering clean zones by using just their voice.


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