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Vmatch Inspection Platform

Fully integrated step-by-step digital work processes ensure that the field workforce is always compliant, efficient and inspection reports are generated automatically on-site.

– Empower your workforce
– Gain greater insight
– Going paperless
– Efficient and secure deployment on site
– Quick and easy to integrate

Vmatch HMT-1 Remote Inspections 208

RealWear HMT-1

‘Free your hands’

The HMT-1 has a completely hands-free voice- controlled user interface allowing workers to operate the tools and equipment needed for the job, even while climbing a scaffold or tower. Allowing the worker to maintain full situational awareness and maximum productivity, HMT-1 is faster, safer and smarter than either a tablet or smart glasses.

vmatch_RealWear HMT-1Z1TM

RealWear HMT-1Z1

‘Intrinsically Safe’

The intrinsically safe version of the HMT-1 for sectors such as oil & gas, chemical, milling and more.

It is the world’s first intrinsically safe head-mounted wearable computer that meets Class 1 Division 1 and ATEX & IECEx Zone 1 certifications.


Vmatch RCC-1 WiFi 2 K

‘Smart Camera – Tripod Mount’

The RCC-1 simply makes remote inspections, factory acceptance tests or expert guidance easier.

The inspector or expert gets an excellent overview or fixed point view at job site and can remotely control camera functions such as exposure- and zoom levels.

Vmatch EOS Vision Kit_72dpi

Vmatch EOS Vision Kit

‘Straight out-of-the-box’

Fully equipped to performing remote inspections, FATs, DVTs and expert guidance at job-site.

Pre-installed Service Platform Software

On-line Users Basics Training & Support

Rent or Buy


Wireless Technologies for wearables & portables

Connectivity is crucial in the modern industry. Get the latest functionality and best performance for your wireless application.

– WIFI Router (LAN)

– MIFI Router (SIM Card)

– Smartphone Hotspot

– LTE 4G modem W/cable mount (HMT-1)

– WIFI Outdoor Router / IP67 / Dual SIM Card

– WIFI Router Hazardous areas / ATEX & IECE zone 1 & 21 certified

Remote Service Platforms

Remote Service Platforms 

Remote users can activate live visual inspection or guidance sessions through supported mobile apps or simple voice commands to supported wearable devices.

– Perform professional remote inspections or expert assitance

– Creates access to global teams

– Process – & workflow mapping, high-definition video, photo’s, real-time video, voice communication and file sharing

Hey! Let's work remotely together

Industry leaders recorded:

90% decrease inspection & reporting time

70% increase in safety compliance

10% improvement in workforce productivity & maintenance efficiency

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100% handsfree
Voiced based operating system


Dictation and voice commands


PPE compatible
Designed to work on-site


Wi-Fi networks and
Bluetooth connectivity


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