Automated Service & Inspection Reports

Convert paper-based inspection- or service procedures into step-by-step digital work processes, with on-demand live access to HPEMyRoom, documentation and other vital resources such as ITP’s, DVTs, FATs, Testing- and Service Reports. Reports are generated and distributed instantly when a job has been completed, using a standard or customized template to ensure compliance with end user requirements and industry standards. Additionally, the system is able to interface with any ERP system, Excel or other applications supported by Zapier®. It can creates actions including email notifications when a report is completed or when triggered by a specific workflow step. Providing full access to the admin dashboard enabling key users to manage workflows, set pre-planned work schedules, set actions/triggers, run reports and set user access preferences.

If you are interested to utilize the benefits of Automated Inspection- or Service Reporting, Vmatch can provide a proof-of-concept to automate a ‘simple’ workflow showing the benefits and savings this solution can bring to your organization. Tailor-made solutions at your request!

This use of proof-of-concept helps to establish viability and scalability of;

wheel Automation of work procedures / on-site inspection- & service reporting

wheel  HPEMyRoom workstream integration

wheel Pre-installed App’s and ready to use on each HMT-1, smartphone or tablet

wheel Safe & secure data storage, on premises or cloud hosting

wheel ERP/IT systems interfaces

wheel Training-, support- and user license needs

wheel Further (field) service applications, benefits and cost savings

We’re ready to share our expertise and improve your business operations on any level!


Safety & Reliability
Greater workforce
flexibility, fewer errors


Secure, Trust &
Trust is good,
but control is better


Coalition formation
across the


Drive process
cost effectiveness & overall efficiency


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